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RetroPie 4.4 white noise problem

  • hello there, i've succesfuly installed fresh image of retropie 4.4 on my RPI3b+ (there where some minor problems but i solve it).
    the one i cannot solve is White Noise problem. every time sound starts playing i can hear this "silents". normal (with my RPI3b and retropie 4.3.x) i was just adding this line in my "boot/config.txt" file:


    after that the sound was perfect but unfortunetly this solution seems to not work with RetroPie 4.4 and RPI3b+. does some of you experienced the same problem ? is there any solution (like and alternative sound driver) ?

    thank you in advance

  • Where's your audio coming from, and where are you powering the speakers from?

  • im using headphones (no external speaker) just like i was using before (with RPI3b and RP4.3). try to connect headphones, play some sound and then (with headphones on) reboot system. you will hear a huge difference before/after.

  • Sounds similar to the omxplayer issue via composite. Slowdowns aside, there's some audible white noise coming from the analog outputs.

    I finally discovered that the -o both parameter on omxplayer causes system-wide driver "confusion" that results to 50% slowdown AND subtle white noise in audio.

    Since you are using analogue audio, the nature of the issue must be the same. The solution will probably follow in the afore thread.

    Edit: I think I'm wrong, sorry about that. I tried using headphones concurrently with HDMI, changed audio output (auto seems to give priority to HDMI so I set hdmi_drive=1) but I could not replicate the slowdown (and white noise) problem. It's apparent only with exclusive use of composite.

    Do you happen to use composite for video? So any chance to the audio driver set to both causing this can be eliminated.

  • @matchaman
    im using HDMI for video and jack for audio, iv' got sound set to "both". im try to change it and we'll see.

    edit: i set sound to 3mm jack only and i still hear white noise.

    what about alternative sound driver which was available in RP4.3.x ? it could solve the problem ;)

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