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Arcade bezel help!

  • I followed the instructions here:

    but only want bezels on certain games (vertical ones), as 4:3 games take up the full screen. When I did this, the overlays worked great, but any game without a .zip.cfg would just use the most previously displayed overlay. I've tried several things (such as trying "Save Game Overrides, Save Core Overrides - I saw those in a tutorial about overlays somewhere I think), and now I think i've messed some things up. Is there a way to return the mame2003 retroarch config file to its default setting and start completely from scratch, and also, is there a way to have a default overlay setting UNLESS a rom specific overlay cfg file is used? Thanks.

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    @timbone316 You probably have save_on_exit in RetroArch. Try to open the RGUI (Select + X) while ingame and disable this.
    To revert to the Mame2003 default retroarch.cfg file, re-install the package from the RetroPie-setup script.

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