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8bitdo connects, but buttons don't work

  • I have a Raspberry Pi 3, Retropie version 4.3 installed. I just got an 8bitdo SN30 controller and am having an issue. I've seen other issues related to bluetooth and 8bitdo controllers but couldn't find anything related to my specific issue. I followed the directions to set it up:

    Updated the 8bitdo to the latest firmware
    Configure Bluetooth
    Searched for a new device
    Set a Udev rule
    8bitdo mapping hack off
    Configured input

    Everything seemed fine. Rebooted and the controller connects, but none of the buttons work. If I hardwire it to a USB cable, it works fine. I thought maybe it was a fluke so I started over by deleting and rediscovering it and setting it up again. After a reboot, same issue.

    Any ideas?

  • Global Moderator

    @jdruding Are you sure that the controller is connected/paired after the reboot ? I have the same controller and it happens sometimes that after the reboot the controller doesn't automatically reconnect and I have to stop it and start it again. You can see this by looking atthe blue led - if it blinks and it's not a solid blue, then it didn't pair with the Pi.

  • @mitu Yes, it is definitely connecting. As the Pi boots, the light blink, but then when it connects, it vibrates and goes solid.

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