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Retropie 4.4 And support for PI B+

  • Hi all, I have upgraded to Retropie 4.4 over a Pi3B with the Jesse version and also with a new 3B+ with a stretch version created from a new image.
    In both cases I noticed it is slower launching roms, exiting and during the game it has some lag in some games.
    With Retropie 3.9 I had not have that issue, everything runs fine and with no flaws.
    My question is: someone noticed the same this issues, is the stretch version not optimized? I experience that inconsistency on both PI models so I deduce the problem is the 4.4 version.

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    @chicuelo you'll need to be more specific. what games? what emulators?

    startup times are dictated by a number of factors, such as the amount of games/systems/metadata, etc, that you have on your install. are you comparing like-for-like?

    as far as i'm aware, the upgrade to stretch has no bearing on optimization of anything like that. it's the same emulators and programs, just different versions than you were running in your previous install.

  • @dankcushions

    I have 2 SD card images, one running retropie 3.9 on a PI3B and upgraded to 4.4, was the same setup with the same config (also same image on the same SD ). Just updated from retropie menu and the only difference I noticed was the performance on launching and exiting roms. It happens with every system and every rom.

    The other image is a fresh instal of the new retropie 4.4 stretch image on a PI3B+, tried with fewer Roms on the sd, but the same performance. For example loading a NES or a GB rom takes some miliseconds more to load and exit on this Retropie version (4.4 , stretch AND jessie) than the 3.9 version no matter what Raspberry model is used for the latest version

  • Here is another fact, I started a new image from scratch and moved exactly the same amount of roms, the system is duplicated manually in a fresh install and it takes 2.84 seconds more to load ES on the new PI3B+ running Retropie 4.4 than the PI 3B running 3.9, its akward, but true. I have an intro video wich overlays the ES loading screen and now I have to make it that time longer because Retropie 4.4. with a PI3B+ takes more time loading.

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