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Tool to build gamelist.xml from local files?

  • I'm working on adding Sharp X68000 collection to my build. I have all the roms, boxart, titles and snaps. Unfortunately the art/roms are using different naming conventions. I was wondering if there is a tool out there I could use to manually configure the gamelist.xml without MANUALLY going in there and doing and doing everything by hand. The romset (that I created from all the physical copies of X68000 games I own in my personal library) has around 500 entries.

    I didn't mind rolling up my sleeves and making manual edits to gamelists for other systems that were mostly accurate, but this task of creating one from scratch is a little too big for me.

  • are you looking for a scraper that can get the data on your pc (universal xml scraper for example) or do you want to create a whole gamelist from scratch?
    If it is the second case, i suggest running universal xml first, with the option to add all games. That will give you a basic gamelist with the correct rom paths, then you could try to use gengal to add your media to that gamelist (you might need to change your file names to match the rom names though)

  • Thanks, that's exactly what I ended up doing.

    I had hesitated with UXS for a while because I never thought I could get it to work.. turns out it was just generating the xml in a directory/folder I wasn't expecting.


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