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  • After upgrading to 4.4, I started having sound issues in Rampage. See below. The game starts off with some loud whining and then there is a loud, constant static whitenoise playing. I tested this in mame2010 and mame2003+

    I also found another game that started giving this same type of whitenoise, Captain Silver ( but it doesn't start happening until you've been playing a minute or so.

    Any thoughts? It's worth noting that this worked fine on 4.3 in mame2010.

  • I also need to mention that I am using the 3.5mm audio jack and NOT hdmi... Another user reported that issue does not exist on hdmi audio.

    Any thoughts?

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    @loggahead Try adding to your /boot/config.txt


    and see if after a reboot your sound situation improves.

  • That did it! Rampage is back to normal now. Captain Silver no longer has static but the sound still degrades after 30 seconds or so which may just be how that one is.

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