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Genereal Info : Wifi & wpa_supplicant.conf

  • Pi 3B+
    Official 4.4 Updated Regularly

    My supplicant file has two entries for my wifi network. One is in the general text area and the other is in the Retropie Config area (just like the supplicant file you can place in the /boot/ folder on first boot).

    1. Can I delete one or will it just reappear? I never created a wpa_supplicant in boot originally so I do not know why it is duplicated/formatted like that.
    2. Will Stretch/Retropie parse the list of multiple networks(once I add them) with priorities and connect in real time or only upon boot? I have not had a chance to take it on the road to test it. Boot is fine and I would assume boot only or there would not be as much of a need for the wd_curse util I am guessing.

    Thank you as always.

  • Global Moderator

    @thedatacereal The file in the /boot folder is only read on system boot, and it's copied in the proper folder in /etc. Any modifications you do in the configuration file for wpa_supplicant are not applied in real-time, but you can restart the networking service (which in turn will call wpa_supplicant) and they'll be picked up.

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