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Used to be able to connect pi to wifi, but now I can't

  • I got my pi and set it up with retropie a few months ago, and it worked great. I was busy for a while and when I started again yesterday, and I couldn't connect it to add new games. I have a 3b. The pi is connected to my wifi, the same network my computer is on, but when I type in \retropie it doesn't show it. I also tried typing in the ip address and that doesn't come up either. I also connected an ethernet cord between my computer and the pi to try to get it to work either. Any help would be amazing, thanks. Extra question: I have a buffalo usb retro controller, and I cant start mame games with it setup. Help on either of this would be great

  • On the Mame issue, do you know which Mame emulator you chose on first launch? If it was an lr Mame the controls should work as they are automatically configured from the RetroArch cfg. If you chose mame4all then you'll need a keyboard to manually set up controls or just change the default emulator to a lr- one.

    On the connection issue I would double check that SSH is still enabled.

  • I assume you are using windows, first thing open up a cmd prompt and ping the IP address of the PI (e.g, ping make sure it's responding. The PI I think uses samba for file sharing with windows. I use linux/mac so I just use ssh and scp to move files around.

  • @stoney66 I pinged it and it showed that it got/returned the ping

  • @ithortureu ok thats good then :)

    If you pull down an ssh application (like putty) you should be able to ssh into the PI from there. As far as typing in the IP address of the PI in your browser etc, I don't know your samba setup and/or what permissions you have for it.

    If you ssh into the PI you can check if samba is running, should be active.

    pi@retropie:~ $ /etc/init.d/samba status

  • @ithortureu alternatively you can just use a program like WinSCP to add roms etc.

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