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Errors are logged to /dev/shm/runcommand.log after selecting default emulator

  • Hey guys! This is my first install so I'm really sorry for my ignorance but I'll try to be as detailed as possible. I'm trying to run the mupen64plus on a raspberry pi 3 using a Mac (I know, first problem right there). I installed the retropie 4.4 image on the SD card and I'm able to get the emulation station menu to appear. I then downloaded mupen64plus-bundle-osx64-2.5 zip file and unzipped it by double clicking. Using Cyberduck for file sharing, I transferred mupen64plus (no extension),, and into /pi/RetroPie/roms/n64. I also transferred a ROM into the same folder. At this point I'm able to boot the emulation station and it shows that there's 1 game available for N64. I went in and launched the game (Ocarina of Time) and received my first "Errors are Logged..." message. I then realized I had to configure everything so I selected my default emulator (mupen64plus-GLideN64), emulator for ROM (mupen64plus-GLideN64), default video mode (CEA-4), and framebuffer res for emulator and rom (1280 x 720). When I click launch, the screen goes black, my TV displays a couple different resolutions at the top (1280 x 720 and 1920 x 1280), and then I'm brought back to the N64 screen with Ocarina of Time. When I click on it again, the same "Errors are logged..." message appears and when I click in, all of the inputs are still set. I've (attempted) to overclock my pi by adding the following text in config.txt:


    It didn't work before or after adding these lines. Any leads into what I might be missing?

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    @bluedevil9754 said in Errors are logged to /dev/shm/runcommand.log after selecting default emulator:

    Any leads into what I might be missing?

    Yes, a couple

    • The N64 emulator is installed from within the RetroPie-Setup script, not with the procedure you described.
    • The Errors are logged to ... message is a generic runcommand information message and doesn't mean an error has occurred, but in the event of an error, this is where it would be logged.

    RetroPie setup already sets up one of the N64 Emulators ( I think Mupen64 ), so you don't have to install anything, especially macOS binaries that don't run on a RetroPie. Make sure your ROM is valid and try removing any game resolutions you've set, it seems the problem is from your TV not accepting the resolution you set.

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