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Retropie stuck in terminal after update.

  • I ran an update from my pie and after exiting the menu my system rebooted to display this message. The emulationstation command runs but only brings me to a similar display with no additional text. How do I get back to emulation station from this point?

  • After an update this is the following display in the terminal. The normal emulationstation command doesn't work and I'm not quite sure what to do 0_1528159416269_IMG_8462.JPG

  • @jackoncrack333 It looks like emulation station is missing. Did you have any hiccups during your updates or try to update it again? You could try reinstalling it from the Retropie Setup script:

    sudo ~/RetroPie-Setup/

  • Global Moderator

    How did you do the update ? Have you updated all packages or picked some of them and updated ? As @TheDataCereal said, ES seems so be missing so you should re-install it from the setup script.

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