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Beetle psx read in folder isos but not the ones in the ron folder

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    Hello everybody,

    I have scraped all my playstation isos with video scrape. In my rom>psx folder I have loaded a lot of isos, but some of them are in one more folder and the emulator is able to launch only this.

    To explain me well, I have for example

    Psx>rom>games this games dont start


    Psx>rom>game's folder>game this games start pretty well.

    The scrapes work well with all of the games I loade, but why the onces are in the rom path don't start and the onces in the folder starts well?

    I want to start them all

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    @tackskull It's not quite clear wat is not working - the scraping fails for some ROMs or the game launch fails for those ROMs ? Also, please answer the questions asked in

  • @mitu

    Basically inside the psx rom folders the are isos and there are also folders with inside an iso.

    For example rom folder have inside the following:

    Resident evil.iso
    Final fantasy 9 folder (with inside ff9 iso)
    Castlevania folder (with inside castlevania iso)

    So I am unable to start Alundra and resident evil games, but the ff9 and castlevania isos works well and I am able to play them, because they are in a folder. Why I cant play alundra and resident evil?

  • @tackskull

    No, I am sorry, the isos wont start was iside a rar archive, so no problem, you can delete this topic. Sorry for the spam

  • This is why I unpack ALL archives as it avoids ANY issues with unpacking them via the emulators that support archived ROMs and also saves stress if your using just an SD card for all your RetroPie useage, except for NEOGEO, FBA and MAME that MUST stay as a ZIP file

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