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Unresponsive hotkeys and systemd-modules-loadservice error

  • Hello,

    I started my raspberry for the first time in a few months, rebinded the keys on my xbox controller.
    And for some reasons the hotkeys refuse to work. I cannot do any select+Y, select+start, select+anything combination.

    Can anyone please give me a direction to look at ? (I already googled the problem, please don't be "that guy")

    I also noticed that for some reasons whenever I unplug and plug back in the controller while the emulator is running, the hotkeys work again. But only until I reach back to emulationstation, then if I try to launch an emulator again, the hotkeys are gone again.
    Also I have an error about "systemd-modules-loadservice" failing when I startup the raspberry. I can't tell for sure it's unrelated but I'm pretty sure I had this one before the hotkeys started to freak out .

    UPDATE : looks like retroarch think I have two controllers plugged in... Please where is the controller.cfg thingy so I can delete it and majke retroarch forgot about that ghost controller?

    UPDATE2 : reseting emulationstation did the trick for the controller. Stlll I only had my xbox controller pluged in and retropie detected "two controllers" to configure..... And I still have that systemd alert.

    Specs : Raspberry Pi3
    Power Supply : Aukru 5V 3A
    RetroPie Version : 4.4.1,
    Built From : premade 4.1.0 SD Image
    Guide used : None
    Emulator :
    Logs ? which ones ? Don't know which one to pick

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