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Power Brownout

  • @rbaker my guess is he meant 2500ma as i know that the pi can get stuck in a boot loop with far more power than that and far less devices connected. But even that is still far too little for everything he is running.

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    @mitu said in Power Brownout:

    @darishzone said in Power Brownout:

    Could be a 4.4 version bug?


    Ok, i was wondering that after saw some feedbacks about the issues, and someone has got this resolved downgrading to previous version.
    Maybe 4.4 is more sensitive for those issues? I don't remember that message before.
    You think the power unit is faulty then? (usb cable is integrated, for knowledge)

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    @darishzone said in Power Brownout:

    You think the power unit is faulty then ?

    Yes, that's why the recommendation is to always use a good power source. As for the '4.4 is more sensitive' - do you have a reference ? I know the new 3B+ model is more sensitive to power sources, since it needs more power, and people that had not problems with the 3B model started seeing the undervoltage sign on 3B+.

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    I got the warning message on normal Pi3B, not +
    As i said i get message after using Kodi, dunno if relevant.

  • You are going to have to have the hard drive on it's own power supply. (Think powered usb hub). The pi can not handle itself and a hard drive. Trust me on this I have tried many times...

    Also fun fact...(For those of you in the US at least.)

    Most things here if you look at the end of the prong is slightly wider than the other. If you look at the power outlet you will notice one hole is larger than the other. Thus with such plugs you can only insert them into the outlet one way ONLY.

    I have the "official" power supply from canakit for my pi 3. If you look at the "prong" they are the same size. Thus it does not matter how you plug it in. However i recently received the low power on my pi as well. Never had that happen before. So I powered down my pi..turned the plug around so it was plugged it "backwards" powered it back up and I have not had a complaint from my pi since.

  • @akafox it is pure coincidence that you had the power fixed by flipping the power brick around. You most likely had a bad connection with the outlet. As an electrician i can tell you there is no way that the direction you put that brick can change anything.

  • @edmaul69 oh I am sure you are right never said otherwise xD

  • I saw a 3 amp cable on Amazon I was thinking about getting. And maybe getting a powered usb but. Does anyone know of any good ones that are cheap? And @mitu┬ácan you guys recommend a good power source? And yes I did forget that last 0 sorry. Thanks for all of the replies

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    @urko948 Use the official Raspberry Pi power adapter or whatever the Raspberry guys recommend.

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