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Portable Game Station in Steam?

  • Hey @herb_fargus. I have a non-RetroPie question for you.

    I recently got Portable Game Station and @jdrassa ' s EmulationStation for Windows build installed on my computer. It works great!

    I want to be able to add it to Steam as a non-Steam game so I can stream it to my Steam Link. As it's a .bat file, I haven't found a solution on how I could do this. Do you have any ideas?


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    I've never done anything like that so I'm afraid I wouldn't really know where to start

  • No problem! Hopefully someone else has attempted to add it to Steam and can chime in.

    Thanks anyways!

  • @livefastcyyoung Since steam only accepts .exe files you could try converting the .bat file to an exe file. Or if you don't want to mess with the original, make a new .bat pointing to the original and convert that one. Then add the exe file. Haven't tried it yet but need to do it myself and that's the solution I came up with.

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    The .bat file just starts the ES executable, why not add the complete .exe command (from the .bat file) to Steam ? No 'conversion' or other tricks.

  • @mitu I know the .bat just starts the ES executable. However, starting the executable on it's own and it'll say it cannot find any systems. I am guessing this is a path issue and Portable Game Station sets the path in the .bat.

    How would I add the complete .exe command to Steam?

  • @livefastcyyoung I'm not using the windows build, but I might be able to help with figuring out what the .bat does and help with the .exe. Could you please post your .bat on pastebin and link it?

  • So far, I only added exe files to Steam.

    • Maybe you can use a .bat to .exe converter and try it again.
    • Or you try to call it through the interpreter, something like cmd.exe /c path/batchfile.bat. Which means you include cmd.exe to Steam and set commandline options to /c path/batchfile.bat.

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