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Retropie Youtube Video Ideas?

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    Just looking for feedback on what kinds of things people in the retropie community want videos on, since the retropie project doesn't really have an official YouTube presence per se.

    If anyone follows my channel they know I'm somewhat sporadic with my ambition, but some ideas I had were:

    • weekly emulationstation theme highlights
    • weekly console/platform setup videos
    • changelog overviews for every new release

    Idk. Are there things people actually want videos about or are the docs sufficient?

  • @herb_fargus from just browsing the help forums, I see a lot of controller config questions. I think thats a good one to do a tutorial on.

  • I agree, it is a bit lacking. I created one video

    but there is so much more that can be done to make it easier for new RetroPie users as well as those that update frequently but don't really know what was included in the latest updates.

    I Love the idea of weekly/monthly theme highlights, there are many new themes available since I started about a year ago!

  • Sounds cool! If it's weekly, why not mention the MAME ROW?

    Or is the mentioning of roms not allowed?

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    @herb_fargus i think vidoes are a great idea! however good the docs are, people seem to use youtube in the first instance, which i can understand.

    i think an installation video (which it looks like you've already done!) is a must. other than what you've listed, i think version highlights would be cool - eg, new games/systems that are supported, ES changes, etc.

  • In my opinion is more powerful the written documentation, of course videos is a great idea, but in general this kind of videos is very strange find all documentation for every details.
    By other hand I consider is more faster read a documentation and follow a instructions in a document, in comparation a video is more slower to find whatever you want.
    By this reason I think videos is a lost time.

    If we thinking in the future changes in a tutorial is more faster edit a writter documentation, however in video is neccesary create a new video, or other links or other link to share ...

    Sorry by my level of English language , please don't kill me.

    I encourage you to continue creating new videos about this project, really is a great idea, that can help.

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    @kactius said in Retropie Youtube Video Ideas?:

    By this reason I think videos is a lost time.

    When dealing with software documentation there is a high likelihood of video documentation becoming obsolete anytime software is updated (eg basically all my YouTube videos) so I'm acutely aware of that.

    But it seems there is a demand there and I'd rather it come from the actual developers of the project themselves rather than some third party who haphazardly reads the documentation I write, sprinkles in some piracy, and craps out a video turd for cheap views.

  • I agree with @kactius re: docs vs videos. I do not mind of course if somebody makes a video along the written version but the trend where people make vids as the only choice of explaining something is rather worrying.

  • @herb_fargus
    I totally agree with you. I am an administrator in a Spanish telegram group, where members share low quality tutorial videos(YouTube) made by third parties out the main project, in an effort to win visits, in most cases they misinform more than help :( .
    I understand to you a official videos or channel is a great idea

  • Maybe some presentation of eye candy features could be a good thing too ?

    • quick presentation of the many ES themes available
    • examples of popular shaders and smoothing on a reference game

    It's pretty hard to have a good idea about those without installing/configuring them.
    Video sure could help IMHO.

  • Not related to RetroPie but how to make the different power devices work. For ex. the NESPi+ case or the Powerblock from petrockblog ....

    @Sano's suggestion is also nice.

    Edit: What about the RetroAchievements? There is spare information about this feature and believe me.... It brings new live in old games ask @lilbud. He creates the GOM rounds ;)

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    Thanks for the ideas. I'll take them into consideration.

    There are essentially 3 types of videos

    • Tutorials/Docs
    • New features/retropie releases
    • Added value (themes, bezels, retroachievements etc)

    Maybe 4 if you want to go into underlying linuxy things like NAS, stuff specific to raspbian etc

  • @herb_fargus I agree with @AndersHP, if it's weekly, a quick mention about the MAME ROW game would be cool.

    Also, I think it would be nice to mention the most interesting stuff discussed on the forums in the previous week.

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