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Transferring game save file (SRM) from Pi 3 B+ to Pi Zero W?

  • Hi,

    First and foremost, I read through and I don't believe this question violates any rules, but if it does I apologize wholeheartedly and I mean no disprespect.

    I have a Pi 3 B+ with a game on it that I have been playing. I'm going to be playing around with my new Pi Zero W in the next few days, which has the appropriate version of RetroPie installed (4.4-rpi1_zero), as well as the same game. My question is, if I transfer the "saved game information" file (SRM) for the game from the Pi 3 B+ to the Pi Zero W will it work properly, or will there be a issue since the version of RetroPie that is used by the Pi 3 B+ and the Pi Zero W is different (4.4-rpi2_rpi3 and 4.4-rpi1_zero, respectively)? The reason I'm asking this is that I have over 11 hours into the game so far (an SNES RPG) and I would like to not have to start all over again.

    This isn't anything of great importance, as if I can't transfer the "saved game information" file (SRM) to the Zero W and have it work properly it won't be the end of the world. I just want to try the Zero W and see how well it works with RetroPie and I would especially like to try it with this particular game, but picking up where I left off when playing it with the Pi 3 B+ instead of starting again from the beginning.

    Again, if this question violates any kind of rule(s) I apologize. If it does I will take appropriate action. This is my first post so I don't know if I can delete an opening post or just edit it, but if it does violate the rules I will do with it what I can.

    Thank you for the help. And thank you to the folks who created RetroPie. Playing these old games brings back a lot of great memories.

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    @gabe1972 said in Transferring game save file from Pi 3 B+ to Pi Zero W?:

    Again, if this question violates any kind of rule(s) I apologize. [...]

    I don't see how these will violate the rules of the forum [1], so I wouldn't worry about that.

    I think the .srm files should work after transfer as long as you have - largely - the same emulator version - for the game in question - and the same ROM on both systems.

  • Thank you for the help.

    When RetroPie is up and running and I start the game, is there a way that I can see which emulator, and what version, the game is using?

    Edit: It's the same ROM on both systems.

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    @gabe1972 Try pressing Select + X during game and the RetroArch RGUI will show up. The emulator used will be shown at the bottom of the menu. But, assuming you didn't change any defaults on the system, they should be similar. There are some differences between PI0 and PI3 w.r.t. default emulators, you can check the docs page for the system in question - - but if the defaults won't work, you can always install the default from the Pi Zero on the Pi 3.

  • I haven't changed any defaults and I'm using what automatically loads with the game. I will do as you suggest and see what is being used. Hopefully they won't be too different. Thank you for the docs page, too.

    You've been a great help. Thank you very much.

  • @Gabe1972 I transfered some SRM savestates from RPI0 to RPI3 (SNES) and they worked flawless. The SRM state is (imho) just a kind of compartment of a ROM-file. It's an EPROM with data on it, so it's very likely that different emulators can handle the same SRM datafile. Savestates that are build by writing the complete RAM to disk usually don't work anymore if there is a slight change in emulator code

    I've once written a small script, that saves any kind of SaveStates to fixed location - I called it SavePath

  • Well, all is well. It worked and worked perfectly. The saved games were there and ready to go. They loaded and played without issue, though it's a bit different playing them on the Zero than it is on the 3 B+, of course. Lower resolution and the startup takes a bit longer.

    Right now I'm updating Emulation Station so that I can get the scraper working properly, which went fairly quickly with the Pi 3 B+, but is taking forever with the Zero. It's chugging along, though.

    Thanks for you help, everyone. I truly do appreciate it. :)

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