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Unable to run official SONY PSX eboot?

  • I am kinda new to retropie.

    I have downloaded quite a few official sony PSN eboot files. Just wanna ask, why were they not working in retropie? I’m using the default lr-pcsx-rearmed core to load it, but they just didn’t work.

    Is it doesn’t support for any official sony PSN eboot file? Or actually it works, and I have issue in configuring it?

    I did put all the relevant bios files into the bios folder too. Other eboot files which were converted by using psx2psp software were all working fine. Except for the official SONY psn eboots.

    By the way, I tried to run them on pc by using retroarch, they are fine. Maybe core difference?

    Anybody can help and explain?


  • @genzi0401 they are locked to your account. You need to either crack it or use one already cracked.

  • @edmaul69 I knew they are locked. Strangely they work on my pc using Retroarch.

    They were all downloaded from roms sharing page instead from my official psn account. So I guess it does nothing with account issue.

  • @genzi0401 if you downloaded them off of the internet how do you know they are official psn files?

  • @edmaul69 You can. There are really some rom sharing pages, mentioning clearly those eboots are from official sony psn store. They decrypt it with tools.

    Another thing is, you are unable to revert back those files to bin/cue/iso files. They are generated from pkg files downloaded raw from sony psn.

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