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  • Hi everyone,

    I am using a 3b+ with the current version of Drastic and having mostly good results. Contra 4 has an awkward bug in the controls, Children Of Mana doesn't start etc, but is there an existing updated list for NDS or any other systems? I cant seem to find much that's updated.

    On a secondary note, are ANY PSP games full speed? Maybe some digital download small ones? The list I found for psp just says "ok" or "doesnt work".

    Thanks everyone.

  • i was going to put together a compatability list but life issues got in the way as a general rule most games work full speed on the pi3 though any game with mic implemented on it will black screen/crash as it was not implemented in the released build(this includes the zelda games) for children of mana im sure that ran on mine i will double check once i finish modding a usb slot into my retroflag case on the back for my hdd

    out of curiosity what was the control bug with contra 4

    yep children of mana works on my end ether check your rom dump on another emulator or try another region that may be the issue there im hoping i can get back round to check these games at some point

  • @blackshadow
    It's weird, Contra 4 when i press fire it fires once then automatically shoots upward with what i would describe as a hook of some sort? I think it may be a bad rom,. I will give a different COM rom a try too.

  • Well i got round to testing that as it was sat on my pi anyway i can confirm contra 4 works fine i have a us dump if its relavent and if i may suggest you could try checking your controller mappings see if shoot and hook isnt mapped to the same button by mistake you never know may have overlooked it but it is working fine infact ive just been playing it with my ps3 controller on my pi with enhanced resolution enabled(actually gives 2d games a nice crisp appearance instead of the default blurred one)

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