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Analog XBOX 360 controller on emulationstation PSX (playstation) not working partialy.

  • Hi,

    I try to get my controller XBOX 360 USB to work on the PSX (playstation 1) emulation.
    When i want to setup the ontroller with the experimental add-on "pcsx-rearmed", only the buttons work.
    The thumbstick does not do anything.
    What i find weird is for the stick is, that it all shows the same input like:
    UP : \X00
    DOWN: \X00
    LEFT: \X00
    RIGHT: \X00
    For the other buttons, all those inputs are differnt like e.g.:
    CIRCLE: \XA1

    When i use the add-on "lr-pcsx-rearmed", then they work when i change settings in retroarch.
    I would like to use this verion of add-on, if there was not su much lag and a better video quality.
    I have searched days to find a solution, but all i find is how to change settings in Retroarch, but not in the pcsx-rearmed version.

    I must say, i had once a reaction of the controller (just once) when i only setted the UP button. Then, ingame i could scroll up.

    I would be so happy if someone had the same issue and found a solution.


  • Well, i must say, i suddenly found a solution that works for now.
    The analog stick is working, D-pad still no response.
    Anyway, i changed the controller settings but did not change the up, down, left right. Just left it as the default values.
    UP : up
    DOWN: down
    LEFT: left
    RIGHT: right

    I only have changed the buttons. this setting seems to work.

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