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One MAME dat to rule them all?

  • @mediamogul Crossing fingers, but my new B+ is still quite stable at 1500, I might bump it by 25 in a couple days.

  • @amishgamer Well, I'm thinking about eventually turning off my overclock and retesting for people who aren't overclocking, but that would only come after I've personalized my collection further by switching out all games possible to their USA versions and testing those for any problems.

    I recently finished my preliminary testing and made some simple copy batch files for those that may be interested. You'll need to have verified and built the three ROM sets into Full Non-Merged ROM Set (BIOS and Parent files included in every ROM ZIP) for them to be useful. Keep in mind this collection was tested on a moderately overclocked RPi3B.

    I could make DATs if someone really wants me to and asks nicely. Know it would save those that might need them a lot of time.

    Also, here are some emulator default files.

    Edit: Fixed dupes in batch files.

    Edit 2: Fixed emulator default files.

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    @victimrlsh said in One MAME dat to rule them all?:

    Crossing fingers, but my new B+ is still quite stable at 1500, I might bump it by 25 in a couple days.

    Nice. Have you done any stress testing?

  • @mediamogul I'll have to put it through sysbench a few times and see how it holds up before bumping it some more. Played some N64 stuff and a few of the more demanding arcade games. Ninja Baseball Bat Man is a VERY fun game, but also a HUGE system hog. My gaming PC can barely play it full speed.

  • @victimrlsh Are you able to run Ninja Baseball Bat Man full speed on your overclocked RPi3B+?

  • @eckaji Still not quite, which makes it a good test for the CPU at least. I realize that with MAME, the GPU gets zero attention. I love to play that game though, so I still use MAME on my PC.

  • @victimrlsh I checked it out again. Turns out that the lr-mame2010 version ran the best compared to the lr-mame2003-plus and lr-fbalpha. versions. I had full speed gameplay in both lr-mame2003-plus and lr-mame2010, but the transitions had less slowdown in lr-mame2010. It seems I was too hasty in writing this game off and didn't even check the gameplay.

    Of course, I only played it for a minute like all the other games I've tested. No idea about further in.

    First imperfect game (that I know of) that I've decided to include in my arcade collection.

  • @eckaji The gameplay is an absolute riot. The GOOFIEST beat-em-up ever.

  • @eckaji I'm going to jump off the deep end and test this with you. Though my pi isn't overclocked, I feel that accomplishing this project is very important to the community, so I want to help.

    I copied everything over. I haven't played anything yet. I got Skyscraper running right now and that will take a while. But, one thing I found right off the bat is you have some duplicates between your FBA and your 2003 list. I chased them down. Here they are...

  • @amishgamer Yeah, I forgot to use Clone Spy for automatic removal. Found out about that two days ago. Also, there are a few more differently named duplicates that I'm slowly removing for a full release.

    I'm currently working on my ideal ROM set of USA>World/Europe>Japan, but I suppose I can fix up those batch files in the meantime.

    Also, I just found out about this simple program for building ROM sets.

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