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Per-rom settings in Mame2003-plus...anyone know

  • Retropie 4.4.2, Pi 3 B+, I'm not sure what version of Mame2003-plus I currently have but I just updated from source yesterday afternoon.

    I am putting together my Arcade Street Fighter Arcade collection. I have one ROM that runs dark and needs the brightness turned up (hsf2) and one where the ROM is clearly running too fast (sf2hf). Is it possible for me to manipulate the settings to set each of these ROMs right, and have those changed be isolated to just these ROMs? I know it's possible with controller mappings, but with more technical settings it's not as clear to me.

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    @amishgamer Have you tried the suggestion in the docs for the config hierarchy ? Create a romname.cfg file alonside your ROM file and put there the setting you'd like.

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