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Controller works lr-pcsxrearmed not for pcsxrearmed

  • I have seen many posts on controller configs, some I understand others I do not . I'm hoping someone could give me a link or a good step by step for this. I uploaded Pro- Pinball PSX game into my Retropie and unlike the other PSX games it freezes before the title screen using lr-psxrearmed however loads just fine with psxrearmed. Problem is that controller does not seem to operate with the non lr emulator for psx but works fine with every game that plays on lr- emulators within the Retropie. I do not want to go messing with the configs and messing it up for the other games and normal operating lr emulators. Is there an easy way to fix this problem without messing the configuration of the controller that works fine with the other emulators?
    What I'm running

    1. Raspberry Pi 3B
    2. PSX controller USB
    3. USB Microsoft Keyboard
    4. 5V 2.0 Amp
    5. emulation station 2.7.6 v
    6. lr-pcsxrearmed ( controller works fine but 1 game freezes on this) pcsxarmed (game loads fine but controller does not work)

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    The standalone pcsx_rearmed emulator is configured separately w.r.t. controls - see You'll need to edit the pcsx.cfg file to make it work, and it won't interfere with other emulators' control scheme.

  • Forgive me that I'm not that tech savvy but I may need a few more steps to figure out. I checked out the link you sent and watched the video. I did not see anything on configuring the controllers for stand alone PCSX on the video or the link . I did see some configurations involving controllers in the retroarch but isn't the stand alone PCSX -rearmed exclusive without retroarch support? The only thing I saw in the link regarding standalone PCSX-rearmed was to push escape button while in game menu to configure from standard to analog. Is this how you access the config for the controllers to use on standalone emulator for PSCX? If there is another way to do this would you mind giving me a step by step on how to access the config area for the standalone PSCX-rearmed? Instead of typing commands can it be accessed through the Retropie set up menu that you can scroll through? Ok never mind I saw in your link in regards to pressing escape. It took me a bit to familiarize the configuration. However I still have two questions.

  • Please see my last message as well. I figured it out using your link you sent however I still have one more issue I cannot figure out . I linked it to my controller however it does not want to read the D Pad and instead reads the Analog stick. All the other buttons work . I tried to set everything to standard VS Analog but still does not respond to D Pad - only Analog. Do you know if this is something I can fix with the standalone PCSX -rearmed? Also do you know how to turn the picture from widescreen to full screen, I tried f11 to switch from full screen but not much difference.

  • I have the same issue with dualshock 4 controller. Not sure how to write a cfg file for that? Can someone post a link to a config file for dualshock 4. Thanks.

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