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Lr-Mame2014 Question

  • Does the mame 2014 core require sound samples like the older versions? I thought the latter versions didn’t require these files since they were emulated.

    My is playing with missing sound efx.

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    @frostyarcade No, samples have not disappeared and you still need them for the games that require them. So for dkong, you'd need the samples to get the missing sounds.

  • @mitu Thanks for the reply. I was confused since the mame set I ran on PC (circa 2014) didn’t require them. Unless they were hidden within the set or something.

    So is this a libretro deal then? I thought it was running the same mame version as it’s PC counterpart?

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    @frostyarcade said in Lr-Mame2014 Question:

    So is this a libretro deal then?

    No. It's been like this since the samples appeared and this has not changed - why would it have ? How would you better 'emulate' missing sounds other than using proper sound files ? You can think of them like a 'child' ROM for the main/parent ROM, they're not included in the game .zip file, but separate since they can be used by multiple ROMs.

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    pedantic point of order - samples are typically for sounds that have yet been emulated. a typical use is for ancient arcade games (like donkey kong), that had what amounts to a full synthesizer inside. emulation/reverse engineering then gets tricky, as you're trying to figure out how some bespoke sound doohickey reacts to electrical signals etc, and recreating that via digital sound, etc. you can buy full music production software suites that can't get a TB-303 patch to sound right...

    so often it's just the most practical thing to do is just record the generated sound from the cab, and release that as a

    i think if the samples were actual binary sound wavs that the cabinet just triggered, or whatever, they would just be part of the main i guess that's how most later period arcade games work.

    so yeah, later version of mame often start properly emulating sounds that were previously relegated to samples. i don't know if 2014 still needed sounds for dkong, but it sounds like it does.

  • Even the current version of MAME requires a good number of samples but Donkey Kong was fully emulated (no samples required) with version 0.116 and mame2014 is based off of version 0.159 so that's kind of interesting.

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