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PSX Emulator - Controller configuration - help for pcsx.cfg reference

  • Hi everyone,

    My problem is that in the emulator, the buttons configuration does not match with what I want (it is like traingle is in place of the square button, and cross button is in place of the traingle button for example)

    I understood that I have to create (it does not exist on my retropie) and edit a file "pcsx.cfg" but on the wiki there is only a reference with an example for XBOX 360 controller, but what do I have to write for my N64 USB controller ?

    Maybe I missed something or there is something obvious that I did not understand, but I don't know what are the possible values for "binddev" field, what is the "binddev" value for my controller ? What are the "bind \xYY" values and how do I determine them ?

    If someone could provide me answer or documentation it would be very nice !

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    @lefel13 What emulator are you using ? The pcsx.cfg is only necessary if you're using the standalone pcsx_rearmed emulator, but the default is lr-pcsx_rearmed, which does not use this file. You can re-configure your input buttons in the RGUI (RetroArch GUI) while you're in-game, it's explained in

  • Mitu- I know you and I have communicated before on a similar issue. I'm not sure if this is common knowledge to all , but just out of curiosity , how do you get to pcsx.cfg specifically? I have been trying to figure out my issue with configuring my controller to the Standalone emulator because I cannot seem to get the DPAD to work VS the Analog stick. I have accessed the menu and when I go to bind no matter what controller I use it does not recognize the DPAD. And for the other config I know I have been able to access the retro arch configs using select and triangle.

  • @mitu Hi ! Thanks, indeed you are right, I used lr-pcsx_rearmed, the default one, and so I read and followed the documentation you sent to me and I solved my problem.
    Thanks for your help !

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