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Commodore 64 Mini Your Thoughts???

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    Oh, for sure. I've never had issues with the software running, outside of the regular foibles you might expect from traditional use. I was referring to the practicality of navigating through "every game" in the C64 library, seeing as how there are tens of thousands. Even breaking up the collection alphabetically and then further breaking down the over populated letters like 'S' into their own sub directories can be a nightmare to navigate.

  • Does the C64 mini support the use of a USB hub? It seems to me there could be a problem after you unlock the firmware to access your thumb drive games. The thumb drive occupies a USB slot. The joystick a second. But you need a third slot for a keyboard.

  • @Thorr69 the only thing that might not work on the hub would be the thumb drive. But i suspect that would work on it too. Might need a self powered hub though.

  • Searching through the facebook group shows that USB hubs can be used for the most part. However, as much as I really want one of these, it appears that multi-disk games just aren't going to work. Since all of my favorite games are multi-disk RPGs, I am going to have to take a wait-and-see position. (Of course, I might not have this desire if c64 emulation on my Pi actually functioned.)

  • C64 emulation on the Pi, is very good.
    I have ran my C64c connected to a 1701 monitor, right next to my Pi running vice, and it looks and sounds pretty close.
    Only Sam's Journey, was one recent game where the music just didn't quite sound right.
    If I didn't have the real thing, I would take the Pi, any day, over the Mini.

  • @Thorr69 install lr-vice and the bios files. Should work fine.

  • I almost got the mini but i found out the joystick is really bad
    People tell me to use a gamepad if thats the case might as well do that on my pi then
    I rly wanted it for the joystick and how it looks but i also dont wanna hook up a usb gamepad i can already do that now so.

  • I am not a big fan of the 'mini' systems. Perhaps it would be worthwhile to put money back into those developers/manufacturers but my experience on the Pi is so much more than the minis will ever be. If I did not have to work for my experiences then I would probably never play. There's a lot of pride and self satisfaction that makes objects have more value than they are.

    Now, if they added a mini 50lb 5-1/4" floppy disk drive, a mini cassette, and some extra syntax errors then I may consider it, as that would be the whole experience.

  • @TheDataCereal “extra syntax errors” 😂😂

  • I think the case looks pretty neat, but the $80 is way too much for me to ever even think about purchasing one. I actually own one of those joysticks with the built-in fpga C64 in it that I bought for $3 at a thrift store, and while not quite as functional as the C64 mini without modification, it's served me well enough, and I plan on modding it when I get a change.

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