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New Overlay: Asteroids

  • No need for presentation for this golden age classic by Atari.
    Lr-mame2003 just recently got nice high res vector support, so now it makes sense to provide overlays for all those great vector games.
    These, and Star Wars (cockpit version) especially, were was so amazing to play; at that time the graphics were unbelievable for us kids !

    The original overlay was made of cardboard and folded to obtain the final image. On top there was a bezel with the game instructions.

    alt text

    And here's the overlay for Retropie @1080p in action.
    0_1540743504144_asteroids overlay_mame2003.jpg

    Overlay image:
    alt text

    Of course I made also the launching image (cabinet marquee).
    alt text

    Have Fun !!

    You can find this and more hand crafted quality overlays in the rpie-ovl repository.
    And if you want an easy way to install them, @meleu created a great dedicated script.
    Perform these commands on your RetroPie:

    git clone --depth 1
    cd rpie-art

    After launching script you just have to follow the instructions in the dialog boxes. Once you have the rpie-art.shscript, choose the Update option to get all the latest art in the repository.

  • @UDb23 looks really good buddy... you've just made me want to play asteroids :D

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