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  • Hi everyone, ask for help.

    Raspberry Pi3B+
    Micro SD Samsung 124 GB
    Power Supply 5v 3a
    Audio / Video HDMI
    2 x commercial controller Xbox 360 (so emulation station recognize them)

    Pad 1 connected to port 0 (up left looking usb ports), Pad 2 connected to port 1 (down left looking usb ports).

    I do all the configuration right and everything works fine. The matter is that after some turn off, turn on, the controllers order changes, pad 2 becomes 1 and viceversa even if I don't change the usb ports.

    Does someone know how to fix it? I would like that 1 remains 1 for eternity and the same thing for 2. Thank you :-)

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    @shadyaw said in CONTROLLER AUTO SWAP:

    2 x commercial controller Xbox 360 (so emulation station recognize them)

    What emulator ? What RetroPie version and what image did you use to install it ?

  • Hello and thanks for the answer again. Every emulator, even if I enter Retroarch to move between commands I have to use the controller 2 instead of 1. Image the last one, 4.4 and about the retropie version don't know what you mean, I have updated the script but don't know about the version, how do I see it? Sorry and thanks again.

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