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Blue Snaps after updating

  • Can anyone tell me how to fix Blue snaps?

    So i installed the base retropie image off the website, snaps work fine, I updated and now all of the snaps are blue. and by this i mean like batmans face is blue or bullwinkle instead of brown, is blue or bart simpson is no longer yellow, he is blue.

    Can anyone help me?

    Also I did notice if i turn on the OMXplayer HW accelleration, it does Fix the issue but then the Snap stays in front of my background so that wont work either. I cant be the only one with blue snaps

  • Global Moderator

    @dml1783 Please add the info requested in to your topic.
    What is the source of the video snaps ? Did you use a scraper to download them or added them yourself ?
    Run from a command line

    ffmpeg -i <path_to_video_file_with_errors>

    and paste here the output to see what codec/video format is the video file.

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