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    I've just discovered the Retropie version of the Nintendo DS emulator DraStic, and it's absolutely incredible, running almost everything I've thrown at it (including homebrew) full screen and full speed with sound, and excellent config options.

    The one fly in the ointment is that it appears to completely destroy runcommand and the Retropie menus. If you run any game through DraStic and then exit, from then on you won't get the runcommand boot screen on any emulator, and if you go into any Retropie menu to try to restore it (eg Retropie Setup or Run Command Editor) the Pi will hang and has to be unplugged.

    The bug can be dodged by restarting the whole system after you've used DraStic, but that's a bit of a sledgehammer solution. Anyone know of a better way to fix it?

  • As far as I know this bug has been there since the beginning when it was added to RetroPie. Also to my understanding the creator has stopped working on this project.

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    @Brigane Actually they didn't stop - there was an update in August (see this topic). There's hope that one day it might be open sourced.

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