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Mouse Not Detected By Games

  • Hey, I'll keep this as short as possible. Inexperienced builder here trying to get a trackball working on my bartop build. I had it working on previous install by adding some lines to the config file for AdvMAME, but I had so many other issues with that attempt that I decided to download the [removed] image and just get the trackball working again. Problem's using MAME 2010 this time around and for whatever reason, I can't seem to get that working. Here's what I can remember trying so far.

    Different emulators - Tried running my test game(Golden Tee 97) on different emulators, but none of them work...only MAME 2010.
    Retroarch Mouse index - I've changed this too many times to remember, but right now I have the 4 players in GT97 each set up with a mouse index from 0-3, so as long as my mouse index is one of those, at least one of those players should work.
    Checked Mouse input - I ran the whole 'cat /dev/input/mice' command at prompt, and sure enough, moving the trackball creates gibberish code all over the screen, confirming it is indeed workin. The Retroarch Core Options cfg file(on the configs/arcade folder), I set the mame_current_mouse_enable = "enabled"

    Two related quick questions.

    1. If I delete config files(afraid maybe I've messed 'em up with all my editing) will they auto-regenerated with a default layout?
    2. When I edit these configs, do I need to reset the game, emulation station, or the whole system for those changes to take affect?

    Thanks in advance for any help, and here are a few shots of my system if anyone is curious. I'm actually building two of them as presents for nieces and nephews. I have until Dec 29th to get all this situated. Fingers crossed!
    alt text

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    We don't offer support for 3rd party images - please read the forum rules.

  • I'm not asking a question about a 3rd-party image. I'm asking for help getting a trackball working in MAME 2010.

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    @Speerdo then don't break the forum rules and reference 3rd party images in your first post.

  • *The rules are simple. Be civil, don’t spam, don’t infringe copyrights!

    DO NOT:

    Ask for BIOS/ROMS/Game Images
    Ask where they can be downloaded
    Post links to Download Sites and/or BIOS/ROMS/Game Images (including mentioning places to download from)
    Discuss Kodi addons which are designed for watching pirate/bootleg video.
    Thanks a lot for your cooperation!*

    Are these the rules you are referencing? I read them.

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    @Speerdo From the (pinned at the top of the forum)

    • Make sure you are using an official image, or have done a manual install yourself. We will not support 3rd party images.

  • @Speerdo said in Mouse Not Detected By Games:

    Post links to Download Sites and/or BIOS/ROMS/Game Images (including mentioning places to download from)

    Feels to me like the image you linked probably included some, or i have no fucking idea why you would download it instead of the official image.

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