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Foler art for rom directories

  • Hi, before I tinker around with my theme, is it possible to have a rom structure like below that also supports artwork for the directories?

    /roms/megadrive/pal/<roms,gamelist & art folders>
    /roms/megadrive/us/<roms,gamelist & art folders>
    /roms/megadrive/japan/<roms,gamelist & art folders>

    Basically, can the folders (pal,us,japan) have their own artwork?

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    @paffley If you make them separate systems, they can, but not as sub-folders of a system.

  • @mitu said in Foler art for rom directories:

    @paffley If you make them separate systems, they can, but not as sub-folders of a system.

    Thanks @mitu I thought so, was just checking :)

  • wait what? of course folders can have their own artwork. But the structure would look like this:

    /anywhere/<art work>

    To add graphics to your folders, you just need the entries for them in your gamelist. I don't know if you can do it from the GUI but an entry in the gamelist can look like this:

    		<name>&gt;Sub Folder test</name>
    		<desc>A Folder With More Games</desc>

    Not sure if the other media types supported, but you can try it.
    I used that method for my ScummVM collection which is sorted by developers and i assigned company logos as folder images.

  • @EctoOne thanks! that works perfect. Although I would prefer to keep the <roms><gamelist><artwork> in the individual folders all together but this is a fantastic workaround so thank you. The only way I would be able to work it is to combine the gamelist items into one gamelist then separate out the roms into each folder, that is prolly the normal way. Currently I have the pal, japan and us roms as individual systems but I may have to rethink it through, adjusting the gamelist should not be a problem to replace each rom dir and artwork dir.

    Also, I'm currently working with the grid view and may put a request in to @A12C4 for the addition of <origin></origin> as the 3 folders are start form the left hand side and would prefer them to be centered (the actual grid and not the first element) as the theme.xml in the system theme is set to full width, if that would even be possible for the <imagegrid>, not sure.

    But thanks for the tip @EctoOne top banana! :)

  • Hi @EctoOne , just a quicky…...old post I know but just referring back to this.

    I've been playing around with this again and come stuck and cannot remember for the life of me how to display the artwork.

    I have all the roms separated out into the folders of Europe, Japan and USA. Everything works fine here but its not displaying the folder artwork that its directed to. I know its something simple but cannot work it out.

    I have the folder image in a folder that the <image> is pointing too....tick.

    Couple of things...

    the <folder> tags from your above code, does that go into the top of the gamelist.xml that is located in the main dir? or in the roms folder dir in its own gamelist.xml?

    what is the <path> tag used for? is that the path for the folder?


  • Doesn't matter, I worked it out. I had the <folder> tag placed in the wrong place.


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