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RETROPIE with AMIBERRY - which AMIGA config are games loading from when launching from EmulationStation ?

  • Hi folks. I'm a little confused.
    Set up my first Pi3 today running late RetroPie build. The Amiga Emulator wanted specifically to run so I have installed the necessary binaries etc from the RetroPie Setup Script.
    All is well - I have my PS3 dualshock working over BlueTooth after about 3 hours or messing about.

    The question is this...When I go into the Amiga Menu from the RetroPie main menu I have 'Start AmiBerry' and my games listed.
    Obviously entering AmiBerry itself I can change configs between A500 and A1200 etc and even save my own preferred config which is nice... However, when launching a game from RetroPie what config is it using and from where ? Once the game is selected I am given the option to press a key to configure which brings up yet MORE options!

    Here I can choose Select default emulator for Amiga between AMIBerry, AMIBerry A500 and AMIBerry A1200. What are the configs for those machines - they don't seem to reflect any of the saved configs I have made within the AmiBerry console therefore I have no idea what the underlying config is running the game ROM.

    Maybe I'm being dumb and I'm happy for somebody to state the bleedin obvious to me...What config is it using to run the games when launched from EmuStation ???



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    @rhbmcse by default it is automatic - there are three choices that can be switched with runcommand

    The default is amiberry, which will choose the rp-a500 config unless the game name has "AGA" in it in which case it will choose rp-a1200 config. You can switch to a manual choice on a per game basis via runcommand.

    You can change these a500 / a1200 configs from the amiberry GUI if you want.

  • @rhbmcse You shouldn't need to choose between A500 and A1200 as Amiberry will automatically choose the correct settings that are stored in the file whdload_db.xml. You can find this file in /opt/retropie/configs/amiga/amiberry/whdboot/game-data.

    If you wish to change the setting for a specific game, then it is possible to do so by creating a config file. More info:

    In addition, you can raise an issue at the Amiberry Github page where a dev will update whdload_db.xml.

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    @dudleydes that's only for whdload though afaik. I believe the OP was asking about the configs when launching ADFs from ES and the runcommand options which I have detailed in the post above.

  • @BuZz You are correct - whdload_db.xml is only for whdload.

  • @BuZz said in RETROPIE with AMIBERRY - which AMIGA config are games loading from when launching from EmulationStation ?:

    "> You can change these a500 / a1200 configs from the amiberry GUI if you want."

    Thanks for the help.

    Would these be the default rp-a500 and rp-a1220 configs that are already provided ?



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    @rhbmcse yes

  • @BuZz - Thanks for you r assistance.

    Another question if I may?
    I currently have 3 games in the list on the ES - all three use the A500 emulator.
    I get no sound with one of them unless I change the flag in the rp-500 config for "More Compatible" under the chipset options.
    I'd like to be able to add more than one config to the RunCommand as the ones I create do not appear here even after a reboot.
    Is it possible to add further machines that I have configured to the RunCommand Menu as I'm having to currently change the default rp-500 setting withing AmiBerry, save them again as default then launch again from ES.
    I know I could attach the drive in AmiBerry but than't no use if my family are playing as they're not that technical.
    It also poses a challenge insofaras I need to remember which config I had to get the game running and I'd rather not have to go through trial-and error each time I want to launch an Amiga game.

    Any help gratefully appreciated.


  • I figured it...
    Firstly configure the new machine withing AmiBerry and save the config as whatever you like - in my case to set up a compatible Amiga to run a game which the default configs do not run.

    Next hop over to RetroPie Configuration Editor from the main menu and choose option 2 - Advanced Configuration.
    Then option 4 - Manually edit non RetroArch configurations.
    Scroll down to option 26 - amiga/emulators.cfg and copy any of the standard existing default "rp-xxx" lines and replace with your own new filename from AmiBerry which you just saved.

    When you next boot press a key to enter runcommand as the info window for runcommand pops up during the booting of the game.
    Change the option no 2 - Select default emulator for ROM and select the emulator you saved.
    Press x to launch.
    That's it. From now on your game will load with the emulator you configured to work with the game and is launch able from ES directly.

    Hope this helps to make someone elses' life a bit easier.

    Happy xmas.



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