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Ive messed up my controls in games and retroarch...

  • Hello,

    My name is Dayle and i am new to the scene. I recently purchased a R Pie 3B+ and installed the latest Retropie software. I use an Xbox one controller via Bluetooth which has been working fine with all the emulators and inside Retroarch itself up until yesterday.

    This is where i think its gone wrong; I noticed that the PSX buttons wasn't quite right. For instance my "B" button was triggering the playstations "Cross" button so i started to look into changing the maps by core. As a result i can no longer control any of my games as all the buttons are all over the place. I cant even get to Retroarch by using the Hot key + X method. I can however get to Retroarch from Emulation station but once I'm in a can not move up or down or select any menu's. The only way i can get out is by unplugging the power.

    I can navigate Emulationstation fine and even when i reconfigure my controller i still have the same results in games and Retroarch.

    Any ideas?

  • Global Moderator

    @hallda12 Reset your controller configuration - - and then re-map your controller again. When re-mapping your buttons from RetroArch, use the Core input mapping option and not Save Configuration.

  • @mitu Ok ill try that later. So far i tried deleting the retroarch.cfg file but that didnt work. It did however change the display of the retroarch GUI. It changed it to a PS4 themed display where as before it was a green list view 8-bit type theme. Do you know why this might happen.

  • @hallda12 In the directory where you deleted the retroarch.cfg there should be a file called retroarch.cfg.rp-dist. Make a copy of that and rename the copy to retroarch.cfg.

    The XMB GUI that you're seeing is actually the RetroArch default used on platforms like full-blooded gaming PCs but it's a bit of a resource hog, so the RetroPie team used the most recource-conservative theme there was.

  • @mitu Ahh makes sense. In your experience does the default GUI effect gameplay or anything on the R Pie 3B+?

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    @hallda12 I think you meant to reply to @ChaosFox. The GUI does no affect gameplay, since it's only mean to be shown for configuration - RetroPie uses Emulationstation so you're not seeing or using it much.

  • @ChaosFox Thanks for the info!

    @mitu Yes sorry that was meant for Chaos. So really I'm safe to keep the Default GUI as it only effects performance when its being displayed?

  • @mitu Ok ive tried what you suggested by resetting the input file and then remapping my controller. I can now play games again however the buttons seem to be all wrong. My start button does nothing and Hotkey + X doesnt bring up Retroarch. For some reason my Select button seems to launch retroarch...

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    @hallda12 You probably mapped the gamepad's Select button on the Start button in Emulationtation.

  • @mitu But isnt the shortcut meant to be Hotkey + X, not just select/start on its own. I'm almost certain my map is correct. Its almost like Retroarch thinks my Xbox controller is something different.

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