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Why will AdvMESS only save SOME input mappings?

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    I've noticed this when using AdvMESS for various systems, but it's really got me perplexed. Here, for example, are three lines from my Tomy Tutor ADVMESS.RC:

    input_map[key_1] keyboard[0,1] or joystick_button[0079_0011,x]
    input_map[key_2] keyboard[0,2] or joystick_button[0079_0011,a]
    input_map[key_enter] keyboard[0,enter] or joystick_button[0079_0011,b]

    All look pretty similar, don't they? But AdvMESS happily implements the first two while totally ignoring the third one. No matter what I do, it simply won't map that B button to Enter.

    And it's not like the button doesn't work or that a function is reserved or anything. If I manually map the exact same button to Enter from within the MESS config menu, it works perfectly - right up to the point where I quit the game, at which point the mapping is lost and I have to manually add it again next time I launch it.

    What's that all about? Why can I map 1 and 2 to A and X, but I can't map Enter to B?

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