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core input remapping not working on ONE button

  • I've run into a weird situation in my RGUI core input remapping. On one controller (USER 2), one button is unable to be mapped to just one control--in other words, i'm trying to map the "B" button on my pad to be "button 1" (In Mortal Kombat). When i map it nothing happens on pressing the button. If i map it to any other control (down, coin, any other button) it will work. Any ideas on what could cause that? Also I'm in the newer retroarch, as I'm using the "Auto:x" control choice. So i thought maybe it is an issue with the input settings, but they look correct to me--I'd think that wouldn't matter since the button works with other controls.

  • i ended up working around this by using a different version of mame (lr 2000 instead of lr 2010). So this might mean it was a MAME config, like i messed with the inputs in the MAME menu? I know i tried to go through those folders and nuke the default.cfg files, but perhaps there was another spot, or its just something else. Also magically i got the XMB menu after a reboot, so its a lot easier to see which user an input setting belongs to, phew!

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