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  • Hi, I've been trying to get Panzer Front to work on the Reicast. According to GitHub's compatibility list it does not work on a Pi3B+, It does... sort of. The game doesn't draw in the ground and some of the terrain during missions, sometimes the entire screen will go black but switching to the field glasses view works normally. Otherwise it is possible to load, play and complete missions as normal.

    I'm running a stock Pi3 B+ not overclocked with an Xbox One 2016 bluetooth joypad with Retropie 4.4.4 on Reicast (installed from binary download within Retropie in the last month, not sure of the version). The ROM is Japanese as there are no non-Japanese versions of this game on the DC. Much of the in game text is in English, enough to navigate most of the game.

    In game shot (actual footage of me playing the game)

    How it should look (different level)

    compatibility list:

    Can anyone help at all or is this a lost cause?

  • @George-Spiggott this is an issue with inaccurate emulation or it could be something to do with the the ancient GPU on the pi. Nothing you can do about it except play the game on a more powerful device using a different emulator or use original hardware.

  • I had a feeling that would be the case. I'll see if I can get the compatibility list updated and wait for Pi4.

    Just to confirm that it isn't the ROM has anyone else managed to replicate this or got the game to run properly on a different emulation setup?

    [edit] Panzer Front works just fine on the latest update of Reicast.

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