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Issues trying to get Pac-Man running on a Pi 2 Model B

  • Hey all.

    I've recently modded my Arcade1Up Pac-Man machine to run RetroPie with a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B. One absolute necessity of this system is that it continues to be able to run Pac-Man.

    Unfortunately, both Mame4All and Mame-2003 seem to have issues - the former slows down at seemingly-random intervals and has sound issues, the latter just looks choppy - abysmal FPS.

    Running with a USB encoder board hooked up to the Arcade1Up joystick, and with video and sound both through HDMI to the LCD controller board I bought for the LCD. Running version 4.4 of RetroPie using the Pi 2/3 image from this site. My Pi is overclocked to 1000MHz using the Raspi-Config defaults.

    I do seem to have occasional low voltage issues (I've ordered a CanaKit power supply to resolve this.) Would that likely be the cause? Or are there other issues I need to consider, or different versions of MAME I should try?


  • So I have kind of done the same thing. I have a Street Fighter that I did a Mod for. I an Running lr-mame2010, and I have found that one of the Pac-Man Roms has a ton Issues. What I found is that the Rom Named pacman works but the one named pacheart did not. Hope this helps.

  • @shoebox low voltage can cause big problems, underclocking is one of them. I would skip the canakit power supply as they are one of the less reliable and go straight to the official raspberry pi power supply.

  • This post is deleted!

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