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Pc Engine CD, .ccd vs .cue or both

  • i'm able to get this work perfecly, but my question is pc engine cd roms come with 4 files, 2 of them are .ccd and .cue (wich u can see both in retropie(u can choose what you boot))but if you take one of them works fine as well and only shows 1 game. i notice that sega CD even if you paste both .ccd and .cue, only show up the .cue file. i read somewhere that .ccd should be better to boot.. but im not really sure about that, can i get some help?

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    @zefolhadela It depends on the supported of the emulator for the image format in question (ccd/cue). If the Sega-CD emulator doesn't support loading .ccd files, the extension is ignored by Emulationstation.
    A .cue (cuesheet) file is just a simple text file describing the contents of the CD, the same as .ccd. The actual contents are stored in an accompanying .bin or .img file.
    You can read about the supported extensions for each emulator in the docs, on the page dedicated to each emulator.

  • thanks @mitu! i already search a lot about that, i read they are similar as well but i read someone saying that ccd containg more info that cue wich should be better. i guess i need to test a bit more boot with both and see if there is improvement ccd vs cue. but im pretty sure they are pretty the same. so i just really need one file right? no need to get both in the rom folder?

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    @zefolhadela said in Pc Engine CD, .ccd vs .cue or both:

    no need to get both in the rom folder?

    If they are for the same game, I'd say keep the .cue and the accompanying .bin file(s).

  • @mitu exacly, thanks man ;)

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