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Roms on a Network Share. Challenge accepted.

  • Before i mapped the Share i copied the whole stuff from \retropie to my smb-share. Works great. But all favorites dropped when i reboot the Raspberry or restarting Emulation Station. An Error came up: can Not save gamelist.xml... permisions are okay. But i can create custom Game lists and the Roms stay in there after reboot. I think the custom Gamelist ist stored locally and not in the smb-share. Ist there a Problem with the linking method of the Network Share ?!?

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    By default, the gamelist.xml files are stored locally, under ~/.emulationstation/gamelists/<system>, so they should be writable by the user running Emulationstation. They can also reside in the ROMs folder (on the share), so my guess is that your gamelist is on the share, but the pi user does not have the rights to write to it.
    Did you use the method described in the documentation to configure this ?

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    @ammowaste said in Roms on a Network Share. Challenge accepted.:

    permisions are okay.

    How do you check that? Care to show them to us?

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