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N64 Arcade Joystick problems.

  • Hi.
    I've built a bartop arade and used RPi 3B+ with a pre-made image to play various systems. One of them is the N64 emulator and I've been having trouble to setup my arcade joystick to "act" as the N64 joystick. I bought one of those Amazon joystick kits, and the RPi reads the controller board as a "DragonRise Inc. USB Joystick".

    alt text

    The joystick movement is registered as this when configured on Emulation Station:

    Axis 0- - Left
    Axis 0+ - Right
    Axis 1- - Down
    Axis 1+ - Up

    I read the N64 wiki on the retropie setup page for each system. It says something about changing the buttons on the InputAuto.cfg file or the mupen64plus.cfg file. Inside both files, my X and Y Axis are already both set and nothing changes as I cannot still move in game. Then I tried adding them to HAT 0, and also no changes.

    After a while trying to wrap my head around.... I figured that when I did my initial setup on Emulation Station for my arcade stick I used the D-Pad U,D,L,R to which Emulation Station applied each X and Y axis to the correct directions. Meaning, since I did not add them to the L Analog in Emulation Station, all emulators will assume there is nothing on L Analog. I did a quick test using Super Smash Bros. (since you can use the D-Pad on the main menus) and confirmed that my X and Y axis are indeed recognized as the D-Pad.

    I tried swapping the controller on EmuStation so my arcade stick is now L Analog. But then I have problems navigating EmuStation and some directions (like Up or Left) won't work. Ok so I tried then to make Both the D-Pad and L Analog to have the same inputs... EmuStation won't let me saying its "already in use". After almost and entire day tinkering around with ini and cfg files I have no idea how to fix this.

    Is there a way I can force change the X and Y Axis to work like an Analog stick when I launch N64 and not make it behave like the D-Pad.... even if it's mapped like a D-Pad on EmuStation?

  • Hi, firstly, the thing of DragonRise Controller is weird, I have agamepad and is also recognizable as a DragonRise, but I guess it happens when the controller s not officil. Second, arcade joysticks (The ones you bought) are not analog, they are 8-way sticks. Anyway, there are a few N64 games that work with the pad, like Kirby one.

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