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AMIBERRY mapping left mouse button to a joystick button

  • Hi all,

    System spec below:
    Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
    Raspberry Pi 2.5 amp PSU
    SanDisk 64GB SD card
    4 x Logitech F710 Wireless Controllers
    1x 4 port USB 2 Hub
    1 x Logitech Wireless Mouse and Keyboard
    O.S. RetroPie 4.4 with most recent updates

    As many people who have owned Amigas would know a lot of games had “intros” in the boot sector of the disc and u had to click the left mouse button to get past it so the game would continue to load.
    I would like to find an easy way to assign a left mouse button click to one of the spare buttons on my Logitech f710 wireless controller. I have been able to successfully map via the AMIBERRY GUI the appropriate buttons for starting a one or two player game, but I am not sure which is the appropriate option for a left mouse button click.
    Current I press f12 when the intro comes up, switch the input to mouse for port 0, then resume the emulation click the left mouse button, then press f12 again and go back into input and change it back to the other joystick then resume the emulation again.

    Any suggestions greatfully received and hats off to the creators of AMIBERRY. It’s an awesome emulator.


  • @Dwarfboysim A similar post was made last October that remains unresolved.

    My suggestion would to search the issues at the Amiberry Github page. If there's nothing helpful, then raising a new issue would be the next thing to do.

  • @Dwarfboysim


    I might be able to help with this, but my baby boy has just been born, so it will be a couple of days before I back in front of my computer.

    Hopefully someone else can help, and you can try looking here so you can set up custom controls via retroarch config -

    If not I find this thread in a couple of days and see if I can help.

  • Hi all,
    Found a solution. Under custom controls found Joy1 Fire/left mouse button. Thanks go to someone on the WHD load Facebook group.


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