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the most up to date version of lr-fceumm on RetroPie 3.7

  • The default lr-fceumm of RetroPie 3.7 isn't the most up to date. I tried to enable RetroAchievements for it and received the "This core doesn't support achievements" message.

    I updated the lr-fceumm using the with the install from source option, and now everything is OK.

    The lr-picodrive and lr-snes9x-next works with retroachievements without any updating

    Can you please update the default lr-fceumm?
    Thanks! ;)

  • @administrators
    Do you have any news about it?
    Today I edited the RetroAchievements wiki page and put the procedure to install lr-fceumm from source to get NES achievements working. The binary version wasn't achieving when I started this topic (8 days ago).

  • administrators

    I have updated the binaries now.

  • @BuZz
    So the (re)installing process remains necessary, but now we can do it from binaries, right?
    And on RetroPie 3.8+ it won't be necessary, right?

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