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Restart after switching between multiple PSX discs

  • Some multi-disc games require restart after swapping discs. The example might be Street Fighter Collection or Resident Evil 2. Let's say, I have *.m3u file, which includes *.CD1, *.CD2 etc. Switching between discs does work. So the normal procedure (like in case of Metal Gear Solid) is 1) eject tray; 2) change disc; 3) close tray. But the described games also need restart, because the discs are totally independent, and there is no place in the game, where you are asked to swap discs.

    So what I found, if I do restart after loading any game, which uses *.m3u, the emulator shows me BIOS menu and doesn't load anything else. Partly this behaviour is related to a known pscx-rearmed bug, where restart ignores "skip BIOS logo" setting. For the normal *.CUE / *.BIN or *.IMG files it is not a problem, because after logo the game just starts. Also if you enable BIOS logo screen, you cannot run any *.m3u, I have tested that as well.

    I came up with some workarounds, but they are not nice:

    1. use Disc Image Append function in RetroPie (cons: you have to find your second image manually in the file system, even more, *.CD2 files are not recognised, so you need to load BIN files -> it's a potential problem with CDA tracks).
    2. get rid of *.m3u and have separate sets of *.CUE / *.BIN (cons: messed-up look in EmulationStation, you should manually rename games after scrapping)
    3. soft reset in PSX emulator (does it even exist???)

    Could you advise any better solution? Probably some of described bugs are already solved in feature branches.

    My setup:
    Raspberry Pi 3 B, with supported power supply
    RetroPie 4.4.3, manual installation
    Emulator: lr-pcsx-rearmed
    2x Logitech F310 controllers

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    @megaJekan said in Restart after switching between multiple PSX discs:

    soft reset in PSX emulator (does it even exist???)

    You can use Hotkey + B (Reset emulator) and I thing RGUI has also a Reset (or Restart) Content in the menus.

  • @mitu That's exactly the combination I'm using to "restart" the emulator. Basically, the main issue is with this way to restart.

    I've also heard, there might be a different way (L1+L2+R1+R2+Select+Start, didn't work gor me).

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