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Black screen flashing

  • So i recently had an issue and i was able to get it fixed by editing and making different changes in the /boot/config.txt file. That said i found a lot of varying bits of information online all with different suggestions that do not point to one single solution. You basically have a scenario where when you are moving within different menus in the interface the screen will flash black for a few seconds then return and it seems to happen randomly. It also happens in game making certain games unplayable. Some of the games the screen never returns and you hear audio but no video. If you have videos installed via the scraper when they begin it happens. So i found several suggestions online I tried and I thought if someone else has this, then these are what i found. I first attempted to change the hdmi mode thinking maybe if i modify to a better one for my tv that would help. It didnt so i set it back to what it was in my case hdmi_mode=2 since i am using an older tv in a full size arcade cabinet. Then is saw online that you could make mods to the TTY in the /boot/cmdline.txt. I had previously changed it to 3 so i changed it back but that did not work either. I saw that you could disable overscan. Which didnt work but i looked online and i found that the overscan is the border size around the tv and i thought if you enabled the border then it would be less resource intensive. So that worked and it works perfectly. So maybe this helps someone else but i still do not really understand why it happens so if anyone does i would love to know. I am going to test if the problem is still gone once i re-enable videos today. For now however it works and the thing is the border actually works for me because of the bezel since my system is an arcade so it depends on the setup. That said i do wonder what the actual cause is so i can better understand it in the future.

    Any help is appreciated

    thank you

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    @bswin821 Withoug knowing what you changed or what you had/have in your config.txt, what configuration are you running (resolution, TV, PI model, etc.) is going to be hard to pinpoint the exact cause.

  • its an older style tv . the resolution is 720x480 and its and RPI3b honestly i didnt really change anything in the boot config except i enabled overscan and set it to 18 so the problem went away. I did check and its still there with video but i have no problem with using boxart. The only edit prior was made in menu to the resolution for which is CEA 2. Its almost like my tv cant keep up or something since it is an older tv that would kind of make sense.

  • I was actually wrong it started up again but when i connected a power supply to my hdmi av connector it stopped and has been good since i think it is a power issue and using overscan must draw less power so thats why it seemed better

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