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  • Hi there,
    So I am trying to put a pi inside a SNES console case and use the existing power switch and controller inputs for a class project.

    OPTION #1
    I have an older raspberry pi 2 b+ configured with the old GPIO controller. It works fine and is functioning with the original SNES controller inputs from the console case. My problem is figuring out how to wire and program the on/off switch. so far all I've found is this which just signals a shutdown and wake. It won't actually turn the pi on. Is it possible to use the PowerBlock in conjunction with the GPIO controller and just mount it on different GPIO pins? How would I program this? Is there a much simpler and easier method?

    I just picked up a raspberry pi 3 b+ and had an older ControlBlock rev 1.5 lying around. After connecting everything up and mounting the latest 4.4 image, I cant get the controllers to read at all. I've tried the 1.x driver as well as the 2.x installation guide. I made sure the SPI and GPIO are turned on as well. Interestingly, when using the 2.x drivers the power on/off function works fine. It even says "two gamepads detected" in emulation station. But running jstest doesn't give any results.

    I'm not super well-versed software wise and am assuming this is the issue. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. I also ordered a new 2.x rev ControlBlock just in case. But it may not be here in time for the due date.

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