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portable project questions about wii nunchuck

  • hello,
    I'm building a portable Pi3b project on the newest retropie utilizing Raspbian. Is it possible to use the wii nunchuck (joystick with c and z buttons) AND two arcade microswitches? can i use 12c AND gpio at the same time?
    thank you very much!

  • @krullbeast more specifically, can i map the nunchuck(as a directional pad also) C and Z buttons as select and start in emulation station or retroarch AND also have two seperate A and B buttons wired to GPIO pins on my Pi 3b? will they all communicate with the Pi? or will the A and B buttons not work after enabling 12c serial at start up?

    i am very new to this, please forgive me if i sound stupid.
    and thank you for any advice
    this is a rough schematic of what i'm trying to build

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