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  • Has anybody been able to get the new M30 working on Raspberry Pi? Because I've been at it for two hours and it won't work for me.

    I followed the instructions on the Github wiki page for 8bitdo controllers, and it seemed like it paired correctly, because Configure Input showed 2 gamepads (the other controller was a usb pokken pad). But any button press on the M30 didn't register, so I couldn't configure it. Going back into bluetooth setup isn't working for me either, because removing the device has now screwed everything up. I can't register it now, every attempt gives me "Already Exists" error, despite me removing the device already.

  • Update: USB connection works within emulation station menus, but not within games. Is recognized as an Xbox 360 pad.

    When paired in Bluetooth, any button I press seems to be either shutting the controller off, or putting it into sleep mode, because the LED indicator light turns off at the first button press.

    Update #2: Tried pairing the controller with my phone and it works beautifully, so it's not the controller itself.

  • I'm also having issues. I'm able to pair over Bluetooth but Emulation Station does not recognize it. I also tried connecting with the USB cable, no luck. Anybody?

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    @lmjiang1 Does the controller respond to jstest /dev/input/js0 from the command line ?

  • Thanks @mitu, I actually just got it working! @darthzabuza have you watched this video by Herb Fargus

    - It solved my issue. I put the controller into Switch mode (four lights cycling across one at a time) when initially pairing. The whole procedure worked with my M30 even though the video was made for the SF30 Pro. Hope this helps.

  • @lmjiang1 Hi. I've been trying to get my M30 pad working with my Pi running Retropie, and it connects ok via Bluetooth, but my problem is that the controller won't recognise the R or C buttons when configuring it in Emulation Station. Do all your buttons work ok?

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