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How to use Xbox One controller

  • Howdy kids,

    I got my daughter one of these:

    ...and she's been having a lot of fun with it. I figured, why not run retropie on another SD card? So I put Retropie 4.4 on a new card. Trying to run things from a keyboard wasn't really cutting it, so I went down to the store and picked up what they had in terms of USB controllers - an Xbox One controller.

    When I boot up the controller screen says, "1 GAMEPAD DETECTED" but it does not respond to any of the buttons on the controller.

    Not really sure what to do from here. It recognizes the keyboard, but seems like it's hard to run the game machine from there.

    How do I get this controller working?

  • @tikimojo which model pi comes in that kit? Also what model xbox one controller do you have? You can find this by looking inside the battery compartment.

  • @tikimojo You could try using this video:

    Assuming of course your xbox controller is model 1708

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