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Having trouble overclocking.

  • For my Raspberry Pi, I'd really like to be able to play N64 games. To do this, I have decided to overclock my machine.

    My problem:
    I edited the /boot/config.txt from my computer by putting in the SD card, using a tutorial that seemed trustworthy. (

    ) After I edited the file to get it to work, i ran the command:
    cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_max_freq,
    and unlike in the tutorial, my max frequency was still 1.2Ghz. I checked the file inside the Raspberry Pi, (sudo nano /boot/config.txt) and sure enough, all the settings I had put on there, were there, even though no changes to RetroPie were made.

    If anyone can help, that would be awesome!

    I am using Raspberry Pi 3 Model B.


  • @Playton did you restart? If so and still not working maybe delete the changes and just do them in the first place from within retropie using the sudo nano command, (Control X to exit, yes to save changes). then restart. I have seen on the forums that sometimes making changes to text files like boot in windows may insert blank spaces etc. unless you use notepad++

  • Thank You. I instantly feel really stupid for not realizing I had to reboot the system. When I run the command, it now has a higher count. I am glad you replied. Thanks!

  • @Playton cool glad it worked! I have spent a year or so getting help from a ton of people on here who are all amazing and never cease to surprise me with their skill and creativity, so I am thankful once in blue moon I can help someone to pay it forward just a bit.

  • @Playton just an FYI, the CPU on a pi 3 is not the bottleneck for N64 emulation. You'll see it never gets to 100% usage. In other words overclocking your CPU will not improve N64 on the pi. However, overclocking the GPU will provide some benefit and will smooth out some games. I would recommend looking at the official documentation under advanced setup for N64 optimization.

  • @Playton you can find the info @quicksilver just mentioned about advanced N64 configuration here and of course the general info for N64 emulation from the docs is here

  • @quicksilver Ok, thanks. I'll definitely keep that in mind when playing N64 games.

  • Also, thanks @simpleethat

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