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PSX Gamelist issue- Really Appreciate the help here!!

  • Hello gang!!

    I was hoping that I could get some guidence here... I have searched and read just about every link to this problem online that there is and I still cant solve my problem.. But I have done my homework before posting this.

    I installed a new PSX game last night and after doing so... I noticed that my PSX game previews did not work anymore...

    All I had left was a list of games but no box art or descriptions...

    I went into the PSX rom file after reading other similar situations and decided to delete the game... but in doing so i accidentally deleted the gamelist.xml file...

    So, after more reading... I decided to rescrape using Steve and I now have box art and descriptions but no video preview... all my other consoles still have video..

    After rescrapping there still isn't a gamelist.xml file in my psx folder....

    Side note, i deleted my N64 gamelist file too... whoops... learning here
    Any ideas??

    Also, my sd card is 100% full with only 1.6 gb left of space

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    Please add some info about your system -

    If your disk is at 100%, then clear up some space first before attempting to re-scrape your games. I assume you're using Steven Selph's scraper to add artwork to your game (which you called Steve). Where are you looking for the gamelist.xml files ? Are you running the scraper from the command line or from the RetroPie-Setup's interface ?

  • Steven Selph's scraper- Yes

    gameslist.xml located in File Manager- Retropie- roms-psx "I deleted the file from here" and rescrapping does not repopulate them

    I ran scrapper from setups interface

  • I'm trying to loacte all the system info that you are asking for ...

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    @Pie-Guy By default, the scraper will create a gamelist.xml in the Emulationstation config folder (~/.emulationstation/gamelists/psx), but if you're at 100% disk capacity, it might not be able to write it.

  • That makes the most sense... TY for that.. in trying to figure out all of this i did a package update last night and now I have to enter ssh log in credentials everytime I start the game sysytem...

    It used to just load when powered on and take me to the console menu.. any thoughts??

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    @Pie-Guy Let me guess, you followed some advice to install the lightdm package to solve the auto-login problem ?

  • No, maybe?? i just serched around online... lol

  • I just selected update current packages vs install... it looks like I just did a standard update... its not that big of a deal... just a difference that I noticed

    Before I start deleting games... is there some game systems that have notably bigger files than others? I can start with those...

    Anyways, I really appreciate the help here... means alot

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    @Pie-Guy said in PSX Gamelist issue- Really Appreciate the help here!!:

    Before I start deleting games... is there some game systems that have notably bigger files than others? I can start with those...

    The CD based games ? PS1/Sega CD/PCEngine CD. Copy/backup them to your PC.

  • So, I freed up 5g worth of space... tried to rescrape and it did not add a gameslist.xml file back in the rom folder

    retropie/rom/psx it is still deleted... I have now deleted 8 games to the one psx game that i installed so that there is way less space then prior to install of the new psx game..

    Do I need more than 5g of free space?

    Or do I need to manually enter a gameslist.xml file back into that folder?

  • non of the psx games will play either

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